Monday, October 20, 2014

Investors and analysts surprised: New iPhone models Apple-rock numbers – NEWS

Investors and analysts surprised: New iPhone models Apple-rock numbers – NEWS


 Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 A gross margin of 38 percent says it all. At Apple, but more superlatives must still here, so shareholders and analysts are satisfied. In the past quarter, which is the case.



Apple profits and sales once again increased substantially and exceeded expectations. An important reason for the jump in profits was the strong sales of the new iPhone models at the end of the fourth fiscal quarter. So Apple could offset the weakening iPad paragraphs. The shares gained after trading hours in a first reaction to the numbers easily.

The company claims to have sold approximately 39.3 million iPhones. A year earlier the company had gotten rid of 33.8 million iPhones. Analysts had expected an increase to 37.8 million units compared to last year.

The iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone while 6 Plus came only on 19 September and thus shortly before quarter final on 27 September at the market. However, they ensured the same for a boost in sales: the first week end alone received more than 10 million units over the shop counters

Impressive numbers

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a surprisingly strong jump in sales there was the Mac computer. Your sales increased from 4.57 million units a year ago to 5.52 million in late September concluded fourth quarter. Sales of the iPad tablet less strong contrast in the third quarter in a row. The iPad sales fell year on year by 12.5 percent to 12.3 million units. Just last week, Apple has introduced new models of its tablets, intended to boost sales.

The Group revenues rose last quarter year on year by 12.4 percent to $ 42.12 billion, as the company claimed U.S. Closing Time announced. The profit grew by 12.7 percent to nearly $ 8.47 billion. Earnings per share were $ 1.42. Analysts had expected $ 1.31. Gross margin was 38 percent. Apple itself had been 37 to 38 per cent in view. For the current quarter, the Group expects from 37.5 to 38.5 percent.



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