Tuesday, October 14, 2014

GDL attacked Group: strike to paralyze rail traffic again – n-tv.de NEWS

GDL attacked Group: strike to paralyze rail traffic again – n-tv.de NEWS


 Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 On train drivers come again massive disabilities: The drivers want from Wednesday afternoon nationwide abstain for 14 hours. The track is already on the morning a replacement schedule in force.



train driver must again likely to have significant disabilities and cancellations tomorrow, Wednesday nationwide. As the German train drivers union (GDL) announced that it has called upon the engine driver, train conductor, board restaurateurs, dispatchers and instructors in all railway company Deutsche Bahn on Wednesday 14 to Thursday 4 clock clock to a nationwide strike. The train will leave at midnight already come into force a restricted replacement schedule.

In this way, the Group will still be able to bring as many travelers as possible to the goal, as it was called. Travelers could valid on Wednesday train since the evening available from the website of the web over the normal timetable.

unaffected criticized the railway announced the train drivers’ strike as totally incomprehensible. The walkout bring both sides in the matter no further, the company said. “The GDL should negotiate rather than strike.” Once again rejected the web the allegation that she did not negotiate content with the train drivers.

Previously, the union had declared the group “denied the GDL still substantive bargaining for the train crew.” GDL chief Claus Weselsky spoke in HR info from an “incredible arrogance of the Deutsche Bahn”. The railway management had not moved since the recent strike.

Plays track on time

The GDL requirements include five percent wage increase and a shortening of the working week. But she also wants to enforce that it will not only train driver represents, but also professionals such as train conductors. For these previously competing Railway and Transport union (ECG) has negotiated collective agreements

To enforce their demands, the train drivers had already resigned from their work three times -. Least on the night of Wednesday last week. In the nine-hour strike tens of thousands of travelers had to reschedule, 2500 local trains fell from 160 freight trains stopped.

More on the topic

The train had recently proposed to suspend collective bargaining with the GDL until the forecast of the grand coalition is legal basis for bargaining unit. Until then, the train drivers should receive two percent wage increase. These Weselsky said: “The DB requires us actually, that we keep quiet feet, until we be abolished by law.” The GDL will not wait with the collective bargaining for the train crew, “until eventually a law bargaining unit are”. Train staff now urgently need better pay and working time arrangements.

  Source: n-tv.de


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