Friday, October 10, 2014

Dispute with taxi industry: car service UberPop will cost only 35 cents per kilometer – ABC Online

Dispute with taxi industry: car service UberPop will cost only 35 cents per kilometer – ABC Online

Friday, 10.10.2014, 18:01
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The car service Uber-agent has asked in a dispute with a taxi driver and his commercial users in Berlin for assistance. “Outdated laws” threatened the services of the company and made more competitive impossible Uber wrote in a blog entry.

The company announced that its smartphone service UberPop with private drivers to a way to make carpooling. Rides with UberPop will in future only cost 35 cents per kilometer. With this trick, the company will receive the offer in Germany alive.

The prohibitions in Hamburg and Berlin, the judges had taken especially offended by the fare. This should the operating costs of the car does not exceed, otherwise Uber must have a license under the applicable Passenger Transport Act.

taxi industry runs Storm

The taxi industry goes against the smartphone services of the Californian company storm. She throws Uber against unfair competition. In court, taxi drivers erwirkten bans against private Uber-driver. A nation-wide injunction of the Frankfurt Regional Court against Uber but was suspended for technical reasons.

With the change in strategy, the California start-up is likely the taxi industry, however, hardly can appease. The swing was “not honest or credible,” commented Dieter Schlenker, honorary chairman of the cooperative taxi Germany. “Uber saw that it” taxi “can not,” Schlenker said. “That would be us.” If Uber would take his app from the market and would set up a new service, that would be honest.

Uber keeps rules are outdated

There is a fee of 35 cents per kilometer could not be lumped as the operating costs of the trip, criticized taxi Germany. Depending on the vehicle type, it would seriously lower. In the eyes of the cooperative’s offer Uber remains illegal.

Uber writes the rules, against the company contrary, are outdated and not customer friendly. This included such as an obligation that Uber must possess all vehicles on the road itself. The rule that car hire would return to headquarters after every job, worry only for more emissions and do in today’s time no longer makes sense

However, Uber, wishes to acquire approval for his limousine service Uber Black -., And vehicles Buy that may go under this permit. For taxis the provider has recently opened its smartphone app. Together with the users wishes Uber now call on the Minister of Transport of the country and the Federal Minister of Transport, to modernize the existing laws

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