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Billionaire and missionary Heinrich-Horst Deichmann: The Shoe God Europe is dead – ABC Online

Billionaire and missionary Heinrich-Horst Deichmann: The Shoe God Europe is dead – ABC Online

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Almost out of nowhere, he created Europe’s largest shoe retailer. But more important than the commercial success it was his life of Christian Gaube. So Deichmann built next to the company to a charity that supports hundreds of thousands.

Heinz-Horst Deichmann made from a small shoemaking in Essen Europe’s largest shoe retailer .. Every fifth pair of shoes sold in Germany, derived according to the company now of a Deichmann shop. But for the last Thursday at the age of 88 years late entrepreneur and a Christian business success was never an end in itself. “At the end of my life, God will not ask me how many shoes I’ve sold. He will want to know if I like a true Christian have lived,” the entrepreneur once said in an interview.

Deichmann one of the outstanding entrepreneurs of the postwar period. It initially indicated little attention to such a career. The son of a shoe dealer was drafted in the second world war as Flakhelfer to the Eastern Front. Only a neck shot, which he barely survived, ended his military life. After his return, he studied theology and medicine only once and only incidentally had an eye on his parents’ shoe store.

Deichmann met the spirit of the times

But when he put the medicine on the nail the mid-50s and the small company took over completely, it went steeply upward. By claiming wide buyers offer good shoes at a reasonable price, and modern sales methods Deichmann met the spirit of the times. In 1974, the 100th branch already opened its doors in 1982, the 200th business. Today there are about 3500 shops in 23 countries in Europe and the USA. The management of the Group has already acquired 1999 son Heinrich Deichmann. The Manager magazine estimated the wealth of the Deichmann family in 2013 to around 3.6 billion euros.

In addition to the business played for the September 30, 1926 born in Essen working-class neighborhood Borbeck entrepreneur throughout his life of faith and assistance to the poorest of the poor an important role. With the money from the thriving shoe empire he created, almost incidentally missionary work “wortundtat” that operates in India and Tanzania schools and hospitals and claims to support about 200,000 people worldwide. Also in Germany the Fund is active in caring for underprivileged children. How many millions he has donated from his fortune, he did not know himself, says Deichmann several years with The Associated Press before. “In the lower limit is probably five million euros but it can also be tens of millions -.. According to need”

however, alone in the money Deichmann never wanted to be measured. “A company must serve the people,” he stressed again and again.

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