Monday, October 13, 2014

Announced strikes at railway and Lufthansa of GDL and cockpit – Spiegel Online

Announced strikes at railway and Lufthansa of GDL and cockpit – Spiegel Online

Frankfurt am Main – Specific dates are not yet available – but soon could the beautiful plans of many travelers get confused again because of strikes. The unions both the engineer and the pilots threatened on Monday with timely work stoppages.

A spokeswoman for the train drivers’ union GDL said: “Strikes are more and more likely.” The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) stated: “In the coming days is expected to strike.” The GDL will inform and “timely” cockpit “yesterday” about it, said the respective speaker.

In the two tariff dispute has apparently in the past few days, hardly a difference. The German Railway said on Monday, although with, it is important that both sides “as soon as possible without preconditions on the contents speak”. The company had submitted some offers and options and be sure that there could be starting points.

The GDL provides the completely different: From the Deutsche Bahn still had been no new offer, the spokeswoman said. The company also refused to lead with the trade union for train crews collective bargaining. “Unless a miracle happens, the track still sends an offer or authorizes negotiations for the train crew, there are likely to strike.”

Cockpit threatened with “more noticeable characters”

The GDL calls for five percent more money and a two-hour shorter working week. You will also negotiate for train, board caterers and planners that coordinate in the control centers and trains staff. Because so far failed negotiations. Only last week had on the night of Wednesday, a nine-hour strike by train drivers paralyzed rail traffic and even during the day yet led to numerous delays and failures

at Lufthansa  chart show is the conflict hardens. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr criticized at an industry conference of the tourism industry in Berlin, that there are no restrictive rules for strikes in the “important industrial sector Transport / Logistics / Tourism” give in Germany.

Since April, the VC has been to six strike waves more than 4300 flights skipped around 500,000 passengers concerned. The VC spokesman said it was willing to talk, but the Lufthansa insist on maximum demands in the conflict over the transfer of pension pilots. After the walkout at Lufthansa Cargo last week, check the union, “to put a clearer sign.”


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