Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Actions by the GDL – Underground strike: 2500 local trains stopped – RP ONLINE

Actions by the GDL – Underground strike: 2500 local trains stopped – RP ONLINE

| 13.54 clock

actions by the GDL

Underground strike: 2500 local trains stopped

Underground strike: Commuters wait in Duisburg on trains PHOTO: ap

Berlin / Dusseldorf. The nationwide strike by train drivers has (DB) out from Deutsche Bahn especially in local and regional transport failures and delays. more than 2500 trains in regional traffic stopped. In long-distance traffic, there may be limitations to night. From U. Lamm, I. Methling, M. Upper Priller, M. Romahn, C. Siedentop

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delay due to strike: These are your rights PHOTO: AP, rwe htf

NRW there had been numerous impairments, said a railway spokesperson on Wednesday morning. Trains in the regional and mainline services were delayed or failed. Regional focal points could not make themselves. “It goes through the whole country,” said the spokeswoman. To a complete stop it but did not come. Regional transport there is no line that does not go. All stations in NRW were passable. On Tuesday was feared that parked by striking locomotive engineers trains may block routes. But on some lines it could still take longer than until noon, until the traffic is rolling back on track.

problems with the web app and website

Underground strike in Germany PHOTO: AP, k fpt

problems in the morning not only in trains but also the Information System of the web. Both the app Deutsche Bahn for smartphones such as the timetable of the railway were to about 8.30 clock hardly available. So also mentions the morning on the website of the web to show faults: “Currently we have no messages for North Rhine-Westphalia before.” The cause of the disorder were server problems, “but the cause is unclear,” said a spokesman for the railroad. He recommended the buyer to check with problems under Since 8.30 clock app and website run but stable again.

The most important sites of the Deutsche Bahn 2014

The strike on Wednesday morning the train in the Greater Neuss virtually paralyzed for several hours. On Neuss Hauptbahnhof there were delays of up to two hours, some trains do not lead. Many commuters were late for work. And even after the strike at six clock was officially ended, the situation hardly relaxed at first. Only occasionally drove trains at the main station. The first S-Bahn direction Dusseldorf wrong example to 6.20 clock. When you train anticipates that make the impact of the strike noticeable until noon. “The S-Bahn trains are slightly more affected than the trains for regional services,” a railway spokesman said on Wednesday morning our editorial. “We recommend that you check before departure, for example, our hotline and a little more time than usual to bring,” said the spokesman.

Many customers responded yet angry. So especially the information policy of the company has been criticized on Neuss Hauptbahnhof. “It is impossible that no employee of the web is here at Neuss main station to give information,” complained one man. And beyond. Well as the information on the Internet did not vote, so the web client

Dusseldorf there was morning also still impact: So the S11, which from Dusseldorf airport via Neuss fell to Bergisch Gladbach runs in the morning until about eleven clock completely. Above all passengers who wanted to Neuss south, thereby had problems. For other lines were delayed.

At the main station at Monchengladbach was only little evidence about 9 clock from the night train strike. After the end of the rush hour were only a few people in the concourse untwegs. The scoreboard announced good news: The trains were running again on schedule, at 9:30 clock a train to Aachen was only delayed for about 5 minutes. Many passengers were well informed about the strike and had chosen an alternative: “I am this morning specially took the bus instead of the train,” said a woman who buys a newspaper at a kiosk. “Today I noticed early on that it was a bit quieter than usual”, the seller confirmed at the “Press & amp; book.” In Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof

At the main station at Cologne on the other hand used , to learn about nine clock dozens customers Tour train through their links. Even though his ICE to Frankfurt had been canceled, responded a 50-year-old businessman behind. “I’m glad there was a strike only on the night. Way commuters are as I do not hit so hard,” he said. Many regional trains still had about 15 to 30 minutes late in Cologne.

At the station at Minden were stranded on Tuesday evening about a hundred train passengers on the way to Berlin. They were finally brought to a train to Hannover, and from there with two of the concerned railway buses to Berlin.

Food was largely relaxed at eight clock the situation: Only a few were delayed by several minutes.

The Federal Police in Dortmund and Munster reported on Wednesday that there had been no incidents with stranded travelers. The track reported at the stations it had remained quiet. “The travelers have obviously set to the strike,” said the spokeswoman. Stranded travelers had received taxi vouchers.

The press department of the Deutsche Bahn was probably struggling themselves with the consequences of the strike. So at least they wrote on the Twitter channel of the web that they had to watch in Monday night even after hours, as they were coming home.


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