Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Surprisingly strong result: Moeller-Maersk happy investor – n-tv.de NEWS

Surprisingly strong result: Moeller-Maersk happy investor – n-tv.de NEWS


 Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 Billions in profits, sales growth and a spiked prognosis: the numbers of the Danish shipping company are very popular on the market. The share price rises. Moeller-Maersk is also planning a generous buyback program.



The Danish shipping company H. P. Moeller-Maersk has earned more than expected in the second quarter. Net income increased compared to Vorjahreszeitum to more than double to $ 2.25 billion. Analysts had been expected already with a strong growth.

However, the result was once again well above the expected sum of 2.1 billion dollars. Revenues increased in the months of April, May and June slightly to $ 11.95 billion. A year ago, the company had recorded a volume of 11.69 billion U.S. dollars here.

The core business of container shipping company Maersk comprises, in which the Danes are world leaders. In addition, Maersk, however, is also active in the tanker and oil business. The shipping company operates including the world’s largest fleet of container ships, including large vessel giant with parking space for up to 18,000 20-foot standard containers ( Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit , TEU).

For improve the shareholders of the Danish sea freight company, together with the now figures presented at the same time, the prospects: Given the good performance in case of sea and something better prospects in the freight business of the shipping giant increased to submit the quarterly figures its forecast for the full year

<. p> Adjusted net income is estimated that the new lie at 4.5 billion dollars. Last year, the shipping company had clinched a profit of 3.6 billion euros. So far, the prognosis

recovery was 4 billion dollars. Maritime trade in?

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In the container business Moeller-Maersk anticipates a significantly better result than last year with $ 1.5 billion. So far, Maersk had only made a higher profit here in view. For the next twelve months, the company also announced its intention to buy back own shares worth $ 1 billion

the numbers and the new outlook on the stock exchange are obviously very good. Shares of Moeller Maersk rocketed to IPO by 5.5 percent to plus. The jump in profit for the quarter is also due to the sale of the Danish supermarket division, from which the company generated revenues of $ 2.8 billion

however, hide the strong half-year results the value adjustments on a larger scale. Depreciation on the assets in the Brazilian oil industry reduced earnings significantly. Here parted for Moeller-Maersk on $ 1.7 billion accounting perspective into thin air. Without this special factor, the net income would have been much higher.

  Source: n-tv.de


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