Friday, August 22, 2014

Operating system Start menu: Microsoft shows soon the new Windows – NEWS

Operating system Start menu: Microsoft shows soon the new Windows – NEWS


 Friday, August 22, 2014


  from Roland Peters


 There is a date – Microsoft will soon present the new version of Windows. Although intended to return to the operating system the painfully missing Start menu. Nevertheless, there could be only one step instead of the previously announced cut.



Here we go: U.S. software giant Microsoft is preparing a report, before the presentation of the next version of Windows. The new edition of the widely used operating system should be presented on September 30, according to “The Verge”. The magazine cites an insider. A logical name would be Windows. 9 – but imagine is something else, because defined the company has not yet accordingly

Before that, ZDNet has reported that Microsoft was planning a preview version of the operating system in late September or early to be published in October. It is currently under the code name “Threshold”. The planned presentation will be aimed at developers. In Windows 9x the classic start menu should return that was gone in Windows 8. Microsoft declined to comment on the report, the website does not.

CEO Satya Nadella announced that it would combine three different operating systems in the next version. Now will have “The Verge” but learn from the business community that it still should be two different: A separate combination of Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone for tablets and smartphones, as well as one for all other devices

On. the threshold

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If confirmed the information, it would be a small departure from the previously announced a radical cut. But the working title of Windows, which will present on September 30, Microsoft could be an indication of which function to fulfill it in the medium to long-term plans of the group – on the “threshold” to a truly integrated system

Announced had Nadella really a clear cut: “We will merge in the next version of Windows three different operating systems in a common operating system that supports all screen sizes.”

The current Windows 8, the end was October was published in 2012. Microsoft had thus tried to adapt to the conditions of use in tablet computers and smartphones. However, the operating system still faces little enthusiasm – so as more people use the Your old Windows XP as an 8 or 8.1

Microsoft sees apparently forced to make a change in strategy, because while Windows in classic. PC is still widespread, most smartphones are equipped with iOS or Android. According to an estimate by the market research firm Strategy Analytics, about 85 percent of sales in recent months with smartphones running the Android operating system from Google. Around twelve percent are therefore iPhones from Apple with the iOS operating system. The market share of Microsoft in Internet-enabled mobile phones is less than three percent.



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