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New trial date at Lufthansa: Set cockpit and the … – ABC Online

New trial date at Lufthansa: Set cockpit and the … – ABC Online

Tuesday, 08.26.2014, 19:22
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The unions of Lufthansa and path planning strikes that could put all of Germany lame at worst. However the pilot association “Cockpit” appeased “We do not want to take the customers, but the Lufthansa.” Now new negotiations are scheduled

The Lufthansa pilots. plan in the event of a strike this time only limited strikes. “It will not be compulsory so that we paralyze three days like the last strike in April, Lufthansa,” a spokesman for the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit said on Tuesday. The walkout was relatively easy to deal with for the airline because the flight operations for the period was easily stopped. Instead, considering the cockpit now, in the short term at individual locations – for example, for several hours – to abstain. This means that the disruption to air travelers could be reduced. “We do not want to meet the customers, but the Lufthansa.”

passengers whose flight is delayed taking to provide alternatives, the pilots’ union will vote to strike timing with the railway unions, are also planning walkouts, said the cockpit speaker. “We do not want to cripple Germany.” The Railway and Transport union (ECG) and the train drivers’ union GDL require the railway wage increases. If the demands are not met,

Lufthansa manager with a pilot’s license in the cockpit

could be on strike there soon.

But even if the pilots work only at individual airports such as Frankfurt or Munich resign, could have far-reaching consequences and jeopardize the tightly scheduled flight plan. And although the beginning of the strike is still unclear, Lufthansa is preparing for all eventualities. In order to maintain air operations, the Lufthansa could go as high capacities at subsidiaries or send their own manager with a pilot’s license in the cockpit, said a group spokesperson. The demand for pilots is large: Daily Start 1600 flyer world with the crane logo

In April, the pilots had demonstrated their power and stopped work for three days – a total of 425,000 Lufthansa passengers were affected.. Because of the largest strikes in the history of the airline stressed then 3800 flights. The decrease in profits for the Frankfurt Group amounted to 60 million euros. The pilots’ union insists on more money and especially the maintenance of internal early retirement. The Lufthansa holds the claims in view of the fierce competition between airlines for not affordable.

Lufthansa and cockpit renegotiate

Given the threat of strikes at Lufthansa and train call especially employers under laws to curtail the power of the craft unions. The Federal Government is currently working on an advance. Under the heading of bargaining unit shall contain the proviso that in one company alone, the union with the most members may negotiate collective agreements. “At Lufthansa that would be the major trade union Verdi,” said Daniel Schultheis, Tarifrechtler at the law firm Simmons & amp; Simmons. All other trade unions in Group would hold still for a collective bargaining agreement by the majority union. However,

workers have a so-called freedom – that is the right to join together to improve working conditions. “The legal problem is that not only large employee representatives have the fundamental right of freedom of association, but also small unions.”

As it turned out in the evening, there is still hope, a strike by Lufthansa pilots still turn to can: After the unions, there should be a new trial date on Thursday. The pilots’ union Cockpit expect for these negotiations that the Lufthansa management “in a sincere and honest solution price” einschwenke, shared cockpit in Frankfurt with

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