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80,000 training places vacant: Company entice trainees with smartphones or … – ABC Online

80,000 training places vacant: Company entice trainees with smartphones or … – ABC Online

Thursday, 08.21.2014, 20:16
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For teenagers, it has never been so easy to get an apprenticeship. Firms complain over tens of thousands of unfilled training places and lack of skills of the candidates. Operation, more and more often in the trainee search on material incentives.

For businesses, it is becoming increasingly difficult, according to the DIHK their apprenticeships with suitable candidates to occupy. Last year, remained in the field of industry and commerce (IHK) 80,000 training places vacant, as GCIC President Eric Schweitzer on Thursday (August 21) announced in Berlin. For teenagers, however, the chance of an apprenticeship was as good as ever: “2014 are the chances of education for young people continues to be excellent.”

The difficulties to forgive apprenticeship vacancies, impacted increasingly on large farms from Schweitzer said. Defendants will continue to be the lack of readiness for training of school leavers. The dissatisfaction of farms across not sufficient math and German spoken rise again significantly, Schweitzer said shortly before the start of the training year.

tuition in operation

Sector defects could by tutoring in operation often collected will. When deficits such as discipline, resilience and motivation this is hardly possible: “The gap between business requirements and social skills of students is widening,” it said. 45 percent of companies reported low to discipline. Most often, however, shortcomings in the performance readiness of 54 percent of businesses would be called, followed by Endurance with 46 percent.

The demographic development and the “Akademisierungstrend” remained a problem. According DIHK This year, 53,000 young people leave school less than last year. In 2025 it will again 120,000 fewer school leavers as 2014: “. Additionally, the run on the universities continues,”

Declining numbers of applicants

As a result of fighting, according DIHK already more than every other company with declining numbers of applicants. Companies wanted therefore significantly more open up new groups of applicants to address the skills shortage early. For college dropouts or young people who can carry out a training only part-time, thereby opened up very good training opportunities.

After GCIC information now also puts nearly every tenth operation at the trainee search on material or financial incentives – such as subsidies for transport or driving license. “Goodies for trainees” could be premium payments, housing allowances, allowance for books or money for the gym beyond. Some companies would offer even a smartphone or a company car.


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